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Whispering Giant Statue

November 1, 2019 9:20 am Published by Leave your thoughts

The 20-foot statue of a Native American standing in front of the Houston-Love Memorial Public Library was a gift from skilled wood sculpture, Peter Toth. The landmark is an homage to Alabama’s Native American cultures. When passersby first see the majestic statue called the "Whispering Giant," many are surprised to learn that the beautiful piece of art was created by Hungarian immigrant.

Trails in Dothan

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Travelers seeking new ground to cover will find plenty to love about the Dothan area. Comfortably situated in Southeast Alabama, not far from where Alabama, Florida and Georgia converge, Dothan offers a wide variety of unique attractions for outdoor enthusiasts.

Stay in Dothan

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Gearing up for a trip to Wiregrass Country? Settle down for a cozy evening in Dothan, Alabama at one of more than 30 hotels and other lodging options throughout the area. You’ll find everything from spacious, luxurious suites to simple, straightforward motel rooms, which make it simple to enjoy Dothan without breaking the bank.

Sports in Dothan

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Though the city might be small, Dothan is more than just the Peanut Capital of the World – we’re also the proud home of a diverse selection of sports venues that are fully equipped to host tournaments and events of all levels.

Sports Facilities

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When you’re looking for ways to stay active and have fun while you’re doing it, Dothan is a great place to be. The city is home to several parks, athletic complexes and community centers where residents and guests can enjoy the sports they love.

Celebrate the Holidays in Dothan

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If you’re in Dothan, Alabama for the holidays, you’re in luck. The city always celebrates with fun events and activities that delight people of all ages. From brilliant fireworks displays in the summer to fun with Old St. Nick in the winter, it’s easy to join in on the holiday spirit.