Visit Poplar Head Farmers Market

If you plan on doing your own cooking during your visit, it is vital to have the finest ingredients available. The best spot to get fresh produce and more for your culinary masterpiece is the Poplar Head Farmers Market. Here you will find all the best produce, fine foods and more — all from local vendors.

The New Saturday Shopping Spot

The Poplar Head Farmers Market is open from 8 a.m. to noon every Saturday in June and July. Located in downtown Dothan, this is the place to be on the weekend. With fresh flowers, fruits, veggies, specialty items and more, they have everything you need to start your summer weekend off right.

Farmers Market Tips

If this is your first time visiting an open-air market, it can be a bit intimidating. There is a secret to making your way around the market and getting all the best deals. You should make a point to walk the entire market before deciding to buy anything. This can be difficult as the vendors are excited and knowledgeable about what they offer and are thus encouraged to make a sale. However, you want to be sure you are getting the best produce at the best prices.

If you have been to an open-air market before, then you know how exciting it is to look at all the new veggies and fruits. Take time each weekend to meet a new vendor. Ask them what makes their crops so special. Additionally, ask them for their favorite recipes. Chances are they have been in business for decades and can tell you everything from how to prepare a fresh meal tonight to how to can and savor the sweetness all year round.

On Saturday mornings, take the family along with you. It can be tough to get picky eaters, of any age, to try new things. However, when they have had the chance to pick out new items on their own, they may be more open and more excited to broaden their culinary palate.

Visit the Farmers Market Today

The Poplar Head Farmers Market is just one of many local attractions of Dothan, AL that we take pride in. The prospect of fresh produce should appeal to locals and visitors alike, and the vendors are sure to welcome your patronage. Find more great outdoor attractions in Dothan by getting in touch with Visit Dothan today.

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