Trails in Dothan

Travelers seeking new ground to cover will find plenty to love about the Dothan area. Comfortably situated in Southeast Alabama, not far from where Alabama, Florida and Georgia converge, Dothan offers a wide variety of unique attractions for outdoor enthusiasts. Keep reading to discover trail options in the Dothan area.

Dothan Forever Wild Trails

The Dothan Forever Wild Trails are an appealing local destination for active explorers on the lookout for Dothan, Alabama attractions that cater to their active interests. Conveniently located within Dothan’s city limits, this 319-acre tract boasts an engaging 10-mile trail system, which features a number of smaller trails that accommodate hikers and bicyclists alike, including:

  • Beaver Trail Flats
  • Stagecoach Plateau
  • Dragon’s Tail
  • Zion Cemetery Ridge
  • Big Levee 
  • S.A.M.’s Creekside Trail
  • And more…

Park Trails

Like Dothan’s Forever Wild Trails, the Larry and Ronna Dykes trail system at Westgate Memorial Park is easily accessible thanks to its prime location in the city of Dothan. Its design – which features one trail for walkers and joggers alongside a trail optimized for cyclists – offers something for every visitor.

Other simple walking trails can be explored at Eastgate Park, which is just a short drive away from Westgate Memorial Park and the 135-acre Landmark Park.

Explore Dothan, Alabama Attractions

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